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House of Pillars, Preservation Project | ShevaEstate

“House of Pillars”

"House of Pillars", Rambam 12 - 16 st, Nahalat Binyamin Tel-Aviv

Special Project

From 3,500,000 NIS

From 3 ROOMS


From 68 SQM

Preservation, Balcony

"House of Pillars", Rambam 12 - 16 st, Nahalat Binyamin Tel-Aviv


The Bono Baron House is known as the "House of Pillars" because of the rows of columns that glorify its facades. The large size house is actually three apartment buildings adjacent to each other, with three separate staircases.

The three-story building is located at the corner of Rambam and Tavor streets, with two representative facades facing the streets and it's back facades facing the vacant lot.

The building, which was built during a period of great shortage of residential apartments, included 18 apartments for rent, with the exception of one apartment where Zalman Baron lived with his mother. With the increasing activity on nearby Nahalat Binyamin Street, some of the residential apartments on the ground floor were converted into shops. This phenomenon was common in existing buildings on the streets that became commercial in the city center.

Today the building is mostly empty, with the exception of restaurants and shops located on the ground floor.


"House of Pillars" Preservation Project

The buildings in the Nahalat Binyamin quarter include the "House of Pillars" (Rambam 12-14-16 and the corner of Tavor 44). The "House of Pillars" is one of the largest residential buildings in Tel Aviv at the time, and the apartments there were considered to be huge apartments with large windows enabling light and air to enter throughout the day.

This is one of the largest and most impressive buildings in Nahalat Binyamin, and will offer about 68 residential apartments. As part of the project, a complete architectural reconstruction will be carried out of the original building plans, including the decorations, reliefs and engravings, while preserving the authentic materials from which the house was built.

The transformation that is about to take place in Nahalat Binyamin is part of a global trend of buying historic homes of cultural and artistic value that is invaluable to art lovers, architecture and classics. They were built with great magnificence by leading architects of their time, from the finest building materials, but over the years most of them became apartment buildings with several sub-tenants.

The preservation and restoration of these buildings is a modern urban phenomenon that is gaining worldwide momentum. This is what happens in the luxury neighborhoods of London and Paris, Rome and Berlin, and so it is now in Tel-Aviv: the most beautiful houses of the city get a new life.

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